About Me

About me

After surviving something i never thought i could I decided to delve deep into my life and try to figure it all out. Look at what kept me going, what helped me during my journey and also look at how it all went so wrong for my abusers. I wanted to redefine the stereotype and become something more than an addict, alcoholic or an abuser myself. I wanted to be a good person though the world had tried to teach me to be cold and cruel.

I strongly believe in making our pasts just a story and a guide to help others and that’s what im on a mission to do. So come on in and follow my journey where i will be showing that there is a life after abuse.

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Draw My Life

Here is my draw my life video! A little video to hopefully make my complex little life a little easier to follow.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone that has helped me put this together. Thank you to the wonderful Aaron for creating the animations and making such a tough subject so easy to watch.

Tissues at the ready!

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Let’s Chalk about Mental Health

Hello everyone, I hope you're all well If you follow me on social media you will know on the 1st September i
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Honey, i’m home!

Honey, I'm home! Hello there everyone, How have you been? My goodness, Do you know that feeling when you're just not able to
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One BIG life update

Hello poppets This week on the blog were having a general life update. One big huge recap in the world of
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My First Radio Show Appearance

Hello poppets, How on earth have you all been? Gosh it seems ages since I last sat down and talked to you
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Your passion to help others shines through in your writing.I have never read anything like it and can guarantee you will go far with this.

Jenna (Ohio,USA)

Holy s**t. I have mountains of respect for you.Great reading for anyone with or without an abusive.

Mike (Denver,USA)

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My blog is a highly important space and a place for those struggling to call home.
Read more about the rules surrounding my blog and my promises to you in this little disclaimer.

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