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Planning for the New Year!

Hello Petals,

How are we?

Today and to end this little three part series before i have a break for Christmas i wanted to talk to you about making plans for the new year

Not resolutions

No not those things that we decide were going to start on 1st January and by the 3rd we’ve had enough and left ourselves with an impending sense of doom. More what would we like to do with our next year.

These might be ranging from taking those first steps of talking to someone about your difficulties, arranging therapy for yourself or even taking up a hobby to help you cope and manage those difficulties.

Starting small is key, being realistic about our goals and not limiting ourselves to a certain timeframe. If you manage to open up about your difficulties in June or September, thats perfectly okay! Wonderful in fact. Opening up about our troubles is a huge step and a huge step in opening the gates of the path to recovery and taking many more steps.

I find for myself i often keep my dreams and focuses on the down low as it keeps me more focussed. I may share a hint of what I’m doing but the majority of these things happen in my head and i enjoy knuckling into them myself. Thats only how i do things though and maybe you want to share with someone close to you so they can check in. I often talk about my determination on the blog but maybe you don’t feel you can push yourself enough. It can be good to find an oh so determined friend to help you along your path.

I do have a problem with being tough on myself and feel its the only way personally i can get things done. I also feel that it can have massive benefits but also believe in being gentle with yourself too. For me its that toughness to get things done but also being kind to myself when i feel i just can’t do it. Saying ‘its okay’ stopping, and bringing that determination back in to try again later and not giving up.

I also feel its incredibly important to document your journey. As I’ve mentioned on my blog 101 times I loved journaling my recovery and found it so beneficial. It’s a really effective way to see how far you’re coming along, where you have slip ups and to record your journey.


As helpful as i think it might be for you guys to hear what i have planned for my next year, i can’t reveal things just yet. Many of you know i have a full time jobs as a diversional therapist but I will actually be cutting my hours down by HALF to start with and after a few months hopefully being solely on my blog.

Its something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but something that has been incredibly scary to do. Though i believe so much in my blog and believe it can get somewhere and my story can help people taking those first few steps was scary and its probably been the most nervous I’ve been in a long time.

Still, i know its something i have to do as trying to balance a full time job, my blog and studying just wasn’t happening. I cannot tell you how excited i am to get stuck in next year!


Im not 100% on how we’ve built a tradition of resolutions that are way to adventurous and limit ourselves with time. I think its great to have a rough plan of your year and goals but we definitely shouldn’t make it a race or make ourselves more unwell trying to reach these goals.

To me its almost self care. Its making a plan and setting ourselves goals to make our lives better and benefit us.

What are your plans for 2019?


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