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Sharing a Story of Recovery

Hello poppets!

How are the dickens are we!

My morning started out interesting to say the least. In fact it started out blumin’ incredibly and has left me sharing a story of recovery for todays blog post.

Let me tell you, the most heartbreaking things I have had to deal with when it comes to my blog and work is the amount of people that come to me misinformed about mental health and the effects of trauma.

My heart

About 2 years ago I received an email from a girl of 14. She had a list of diagnoses and had been diagnosed with everything from Bipolar Disorder to Generalised anxiety disorder. This girl gripped my very being and I felt like I could feel all her hurt and pain through my screen. She explained her heartbreak at such diagnoses and that she felt angry at the chemical imbalance that had taken over her brain and that was destroying her life.

I asked her where she had found that information presuming that like most it had come from a flippant comment thrown around by her GP. She explained she simply presumed thats what mental illness was about and that she had seen a certain influencer/mental health advocate talk about it and displayed on various mental health related memes.

As I don’t believe in essentially, breaking peoples hearts, I told her to go and research the chemical imbalance herself. Several days later she came back to me and said

There is no chemical imbalance.

To be honest, it’s tough having to be the barer of bad news. It’s why I dont actively talk about the chemical imbalance and it’s history as so many hang on to it. Instead I explained to her as I would with anyone, that it essentially meant that she was in charge of her own brain and that she could move through her difficulties.

As I receive so many messages and emails of this nature the whole thing just slipped my mind.

This morning I woke up to an email from someone who explained that I had told her to reach out for recovery a few years ago. She simply was writing in to ask me if I had any little jobs she could do as she too wanted to help share the voice of recovery. She explained it in such a way that I’m surprised I even clicked to who this person was. There was nothing frantic about this email. Just a simple and light hearted message.

I could already feel myself starting to tear up and went to my inbox to search the email address to confirm my suspicions. It was her. The girl that wrote in frantically at 14 asking why the chemical imbalance was plaguing her life. Explaining her want to rid herself of the world as she didn’t feel she could go on.

Oh my days

She went on to tell me that she found a therapist to work along side a talk based therapy that she was engaging in. Combined they worked through her traumas and how she had developed her thoughts and thinking patterns.

She explained that therapy was as I had mentioned and involved doing a lot of things that she didn’t want to do. Even to the point of her giving up a therapist due to her telling her to forgive, which only left me laughing and having flash backs to a young littlest lady.

She shared with me that she has a notepad full of skills that she had learnt to reflect on and take along her journey. She is actively taking part in learning and practicing good mental health. Taking part in various sporting activities as her therapist had explained the importance of physical exercise and is enjoying eating well and developing a relationship with her mum again through cooking, which is something she had previously lost.

She went on to tell me that upon leaving therapy she didn’t have enough symptoms to be matched with anything that she had previously been diagnosed with. No rapid mood swings, no intrusive and unwanted thoughts and no more wanting to rid herself of the world. A human being relearning how to be.

She explained that one thing she is dealing with is sadness that she had been made to feel like her suffering was forever. Unfortunately, I had to explain that sadly in the midsts of trying to educate people about mental health difficulties we have created permeance and that if she did want a little job I would love to share her story with you guys.

and what an incredible one it is!

I hear a fair few success stories from people after teaching them the possibilities of recovery but this one struck such a chord with me because i could feel how much she was struggling and was so close to giving up.

There is such a different perspective on life when taking those first few baby steps of recovery. A reduced symptom by even the slightest can leave us saying “hang on a minute!” and reaching out for more. It’s not about being ‘cured’ or ‘fixed’ but being open to learning and moving through the path that we have been given. Adjusting and relearning things. Not just accepting a diagnoses as a life sentence and struggling through every aspect of life.

It breaks my heart to think that people are diagnosed and say “Thank you very much” and that we don’t think enough of ourselves to reach out for more. I guess thats mixed into the mental illness side of things but it doesn’t stop our ability to educate ourselves and teach ourselves that we do in fact, deserve more.

This story really stuck with me at the start and will even more so now. As days go by I realise how important it is to shout about the possibilities of recovery. Without that, people are stuck and not realising that they can get better.

Recovery is possible. Thats not some inspirational quote that i’ve developed to fit my brand and work. Recovery. is. possible. Brains can be completely and utterly transformed.

It’s blumin’ incredible.

Go and get it, team!


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