“I wanted to see what would happen if I didn’t give up” - littlestlady.com


Hello poppets!

How are you?!

Oh buddy! Who would have thought. Today I turned 25 and decided to get my creative on and create a little montage of life and all its thrown at me.

What a whirlwind its been!

“I was the outcast, the weirdo, the loner, the freak.
The one that nobody wanted.
Daily I was told that I was worthless that I had no purpose and that id never amount to anything
I believed in those things for so long and with that I became, nobody. I barely existed.
But one day something clicked in me that said I wanted more
I wanted to become more than the labels that people had stuck on me
And with that I rose and became something I would have never imagined
I learnt about my story
I found my voice and learnt of its powers
If you can take one thing from my story let it be this,
I never imagined life would turn out this way.
In fact I never imagined id be still here to tell my story.”


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