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You Guessed It!

Hello Poppets,

How are we?

Now before you say to yourself why the dickens is she welcoming us when we’ve been here nearly years now, actually i think its really important to recap, especially for all the new readers and also when I’m welcoming in

A new platform!

Yep, i am introducing a new platform to littlestlady.com in the form of youtube!
I know its been long awaited for you guys and its something I’m always always asked if i would do. Unfortunately with timing and things it just wasn’t possible until now.

Now each week i will be putting up a new video along with a blog post!


On the topic of new readers littlestlady.com grew a bunch of new readers around the end of 2018 and especially after my magazine articles came out. I think with my story it’s really important to know a little about my story, what I’m trying to do and the things we’ve achieved together.


For those that don’t know me and those sparkling new readers, my name is Jessica and i am the owner of this little space at littlestlady.com

I am an abuse survivor which from my blog and content its often can be a surprise. I was abused from day dot up to about 14 years of age. During this time i encountered emotional, physical and sexual abuse and after leaving my abusers care i also encountered two assaults.

I was left with an array of mental health difficulties including the dreaded OCD and ptsd. I battled with these things for years before finally having enough and becoming determined to recover.

Fortunately my determined streak paid off and i ended up not only healing dramatically from my abuse but getting both my OCD and PTSD under full management. Yep, i now have not enough symptoms of either to be classed as having them and its been nearly 4 years now!

I now try and encourage others to recover and heal from their traumas and basically show others how i did it.

Over the last few years i have worked with some incredible organisations and made some wonderful friends. During the end of 2018 i also ended up on the radio and in two magazines which was a huge personal achievement!

I offer support in the form of emailing or messaging on social media and try my best to offer support and help people through those difficult time.

Who’d of thought?!

Lets do this, team!


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