“I wanted to see what would happen if I didn’t give up” - littlestlady.com

Ahh Jess, you story makes my own journey worth it! Seeing the success of others, albeit in different circumstance, overcome such monumentally difficult adversity, its truly heart warming, and the emotion you inspire with you written word is exceptional.

Your journey has come so far and you have learnt so much about yourself that I only began to realise about mysef now at 34 years. Never stop doing what makes you happy, continue to take pride in your loves! I love how freely you want to share your happiness and lessons. I do just want to find you one day in this world and give you a massive hug.

I keep realising the people like you who quietly tell their stories and share their compassion are the true road to recovery. Your CBT therapist sounds like one of those people also. I was lucky enough to have 2 years of psychotherapy and met one of those people. These are the people that save peoples lives when nobody else can see they need saving.

I have so many words I could share about how much you have helped inspire me since reading your work only recently. The most important I think would be this;

Thank you

– Benjiman (Comment on The OCD Stories article)


Littlestlady.com is a blog created to share my experiences and what i have learned during my recovery from mental health difficulties after childhood abuse.

I created my blog after learning about the world myself and so many others grew up in and finding out the true reality of the struggles people face after abuse and living with mental health difficulties.

My mission is to do everything in my might to help and encourage others into recovery.


During the toughest times in my life i remember finding those pockets of goodness on the internet filled with knowledge about various situations. I remember how they filled my heart with so much love and hope for the future. I guess that’s what i want this little space to be. I want my blog to be somewhere people can call home whether in recovery or trying to make that first steps into it.


Voluntary Work

I first started working voluntary at the age of 13. After my first opportunity i was hooked and it lead me to take part in many opportunity’s working in different fields with people.


My first ever voluntary job was with people with dementia caring for their general needs.
After a short amount of time this gained me a paid position at the home where I trained to expand on what I was already doing.

I have studied nursing in both the United Kingdom and New Zealand and am fully qualified.

Diversional therapist

I have also worked in the field of Diversional Therapy

My tasks being to assist people with their emotional, social and spiritual needs.
Creating activities, events and encouraging social situations.

I am currently working as a Diversional Therapist at a Retirement Village in New Zealand.


I started my first blog over on Blogspot.com in 2012. My blog hit 22,000 views in only a short space of time and gained a supportive and loving little following.

My blog moved to a bigger platform in 2015 to enable me to expand and do more. I currently create one personal blog post a week and also take part in podcasts, live chats and guest posts

Sharing my advice

I receive a large number of emails daily detailing peoples struggles and asking for advice.
I share my opinions and views and try and assist them in the best way possible.

Public Speaking

I have worked to promote the work of various organisations and the importance of what they do.
During, I have given out leaflets and spoke to the general public.


If you have something you would like to work with me on, I’d love to hear your ideas.

I am available to write articles and partake in interviews and podcasts.

IMPORTANT – I will not create any content that is harmful to anyone. I will not expose my abuse to mistreat or cause harm to another being.
Though people may feel this needed or ‘deserved’ my blog is for healing and recovery, not to name and shame.


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Please contact me on the below address to discuss working together:

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